The new Sona 41sub Active Subwoofer blends perfectly with the best-selling Sona 41c shown here, or any other Sona amp. Advanced analog processing in the woofer cabinet increases midrange headroom of the system, and at the same time generates tight, solid bass output. The two cabinets blend in a way that eliminates the disconnected feeling you often get with universal subs.

The sound is closer to the kind of integrated image you get with headphones. And there are no complex hook-ups or adjustments needed. Just plug the sub into the effects loop of any Sona amp, set levels, and start playing. The smooth sonic image brings more realism and headroom to digital keys.

The 41 sub works just as well with PA cabinets, and some other amps too. Additional hook-ups are included in the interface for use as a universal sub. When used with the 41c, the SPL is over 120 dB, with the hallmark sound quality the 41c is known for.

The 41c now has a new tweeter lense for smoother sound.


Over the past 20 years, Barbetta has perfected techniques for the precise design and seamless integration of the basic elements that make up fine audio gear. It's something we call Interactive Design Technology , and It involves quite a bit more than just bolting parts into a fancy box and then writing clever ad copy about it.  Using patented and innovative circuitry, special methods, and trade secrets, we transform individual components into superb sounding, easy-to-handle integrated systems, which become much greater than the sum of their parts, and which are showing the way to new standards of quality.

Professionals make tough demands, and have high expectations.  We measure up, and then some.  To read professional reviews, click here.
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