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This is our most popular model for musical instruments. Now, we build it with our LiteBox™ technology, and our exclusive fan cooling that allows very high power levels. But besides having a lot of headroom, it also has great tone. This makes it the best choice when you play a variety of gigs. It has both the excellent acoustic imaging you want for quieter gigs, and the punch you need to keep up with guitars and drums on louder gigs. Our new Patent Pending technologies let us combine these two features in one lightweight, compact cabinet, so you can have it all.

(The SE41c is a "Stage Amplifier™", which means it has a wide sound field. This guarantees you will be heard clearly both on the bandstand and in the audience.)

Two versions to pick from...

This model is available as a combo amplifier, or as an Active PA system. The drawings are of the rear panel for each version. Just choose the one that best suits your needs

Sona 41 Specifications:


Active, Bi-amplified two-way system.

Type of System

Extended Range, Stage Amplifier™.

Total Power

550 Watts.


2 x 10 inch, 40 Oz. Magnets.

Woofer Amplifier

High Slew-Rate, Class A Gain Stage,
Active Control Technology™ (Patented)

Voice Coil

2 Inch, 2 layer Copper.


5 Inch Bullet Tweeter.

Tweeter Amplifier

High Bandwidth, MultiLoop™ Control System (Patented)

Cabinet construction

LiteBox™ Lightweight Structure. (Patent Pending.)

Cabinet Finish

Polypropylene Felt Carpet.

Input section

Four, ¼-inch TRS Balanced Line, One MIC Pre-amp.

Controls and outputs

Global 3-band EQ, Master Fader, Effect Loop,
XLR Balanced Line Output.

Crossover point

2330 Hz

Signal Processing

Exclusive MosPath™, FET Signal Path

Amplifier type

High Speed Bi-polar.

Amplifier cooling

Internally Mounted Fan. (Patent Pending.)

Amplifier power, woofers

400 Watts RMS peak.

Amplifier power, tweeter

150 Watts RMS peak.


41 ½ pounds

List Price

List: $1099 (Typical Street Price $779 - $859*)

*TSPR is based on our best information at the time of publication. Actual prices may vary.

Specification subject to change without notice.

High Bandwidth without a lot of noise...

With improvements in our Sona power amplifiers, we've taken yet another step on the road of innovation.  Read about it here.

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