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now you're getting serious . . .tm

        These active stage amps and PA cabinets offer some of the cleanest sound for live performance to be found anywhere. Playing through a Barbetta is the single biggest thing you can do to enhance your sound.

         Over a period of nearly 30 years, we've developed innovative design and manufacturing techniques to integrate individual components into great sounding, easy to handle designs for live performance gear.

           Many musicians and sound professionals feel that MOSFET transistors offer sonic qualities that go beyond the best bipolar components, and we agree.

           But the "care and feeding" of these great sounding parts presents an engineering challenge; how to integrate them into a stable, reliable, high power amplifer without interfering with their fabulous sound, and without making it far too complicated and expensive.

           We set out to find a way to do that. While it's possible to simply substitute MOSFETs in a design originally intended for bipolar transistors, the circuitry used to keep bipolars technically under control really doesn't work very well with MOSFETs.

           So a new approach was needed, and with testing and refinement, a new design concept was developed into hardware that's now in full production, and at reasonable cost.


what does "MosPath" tm mean?

         "MosPath" is our way of saying that everything that amplifies or conducts audio in the signal path of our new amp is built entirely with MOSFET components.

           During testing and development, we looked for things that would work well with MOSFETs. The things we found turned out to be more MOSFETs. Once we took out everything that wasn't a MOSFET, we had a 'MOSFET signal path' and the word just invented itself.  

            So it's not just more clever copy from the marketing department. It's a way to describe hardware that's really new, and that's now demonstrating it's rich, sensual sound for you to hear


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